Opening links [[wiki]] or [[s:test]] with keyboard shortcut (w/o pointing device)

Hi all,

I am trying to build my workflow with Drafts and like it very much so far. In general I like to keep my hands at the keyboard, and Drafts seems to do ok supporting this.

Nevertheless I have found no way of opening links like [[s: test]] without a pointing device. I have found the “open cross-link at cursor” action, but this one seems to work only with the wiki-style links.

Do I miss an (easy) option?

Thanks for your support


Something that would cover this has been on my to-do list for a while. I think I now have something that supports what you are looking for.

TAD-Process Link
Taking the start of any selection as the cursor location, this action will attempt to identify any Markdown or wiki-style cross-link that the cursor is within. The action will then process that link as though it was a link the user had manually activated. If you favour the keyboard as your primary Drafts interaction device, consider creating an action that calls this one and assign it a keyboard shortcut.

Note: The range of supported cross-links is explained in a key TADpoLe function it utilises - app.TA_processCrossLink.

There’s a bit of processing in this that is slightly convoluted, so hopefully it will work well, but my testing is certainly far from infallible.

To use it:

  1. Download and set up the ThoughtAsylum action group and follow the set-up instructions (to have the action group get the latest TADpoLe code).
  2. Download the ThoughtAsylum - Management action group (no set-up required for this one).
  3. Create a new action in your own group and assign it your preferred keyboard shortcut, name and icon.
  4. Add a single step to your action - an Include Action step that includes the action TAD-Process Link.

If the TAD-Process Link action gets updated in the future and you update the action group, you will get to keep all your personalised settings for your own action without having to remake anything.

I hope that gives you a way forward :+1:t2: