Opening drafts (e.g. Amazon search) in another app (not a web view)

The Amazon search actions I found all opened up the Amazon website in a Safari window. I wanted mine to open the Amazon app itself. This URL action does that using an app-specific non-HTTP URL:

There’s a list of iOS app URL schemes here I haven’t tried others yet.

I’m sure this is not news to many but as a new Drafts user with very limited awareness of iOS mechanics I find this super useful.

Check this action group out - it opens up a handful of searches in native apps.

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Excellent, thank you!

This action group just stopped working for me completely. I’ve tried it on both iPad and iPhone. I’ve restarted Drafts to no avail.

This group sits in my basic group which I have also included as a keyboard. The action is now slightly greyed out when I look at it the keyboard bar.

I actually thought this was a default action but now found this thread. I will now delete and reinstall.

The reinstall seems to be working. Odd that it just crapped out.