Open random draft by tag

Shows a prompt to allow recent tag selection, then picks a random draft and opens it.

Can preset the tag in the script to skip the prompt.

Also works to open any draft randomly.

Thoughts welcome.

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OK, I’ll bite…what’s your use case for this?

I’ve found myself already with 100+ archived drafts with tags that I’d like to revisit. (puzzles still open, awesome pieces, good mindsets, etc) Soon that’ll be hundreds more.

And there’s something energy maintaining about just landing on a piece quickly, vs. having to select it deliberately (filtering, scrolling, reading, selecting) - especially if you don’t have a particular destination in mind.


Man. If I hadn’t sworn I’d never put all my notes in a single app again I’d be so using this. I had to do some crazy contortions to right something to do this in workflow.

Hey team! Can you suggest how to mod this script so that multiple tags can be selected in the prompt?