Open new note using BTT and hot corners

MacOS now has hot corners and the default is if you move the cursor to the bottom right corner, a small window will pop up. Click on it and a blank Apple Note opens.

I prefer to have a blank Draft note open.

Any ideas?

Hot corners has been around quite a while, but the feature you are referring to is called “Quick Note” and was added in macOS 12 (Monterey). It is the default configured to be the hot corner for the lower right (although you can change around your hot corner assignments in System Preferences > Desktop & Screen Saver).

The system has very limited command options for hot corners, and does not support replacing Quick Note with a third-party app.

I’m not that familiar with Better Touch Tool, but if it lets you assign automations to hot corners, it’s very likely you could get it to pop up the Drafts quick capture window - but there would be no way to get it to come out of the corner exactly the same way.

You might be better off setting up and learning the global keyboard shortcut to open a Drafts Quick Capture window, which can be set in Drafts Preferences.

I’ve been using a Mac since maybe Leopard or Snow Leopard and hot corners were definitely available on my first Mac. Definitely not a recent feature.

I would just go the keyboard shortcut route, but if you do want to do this @tabascocat, then you can do it like this with Better Touch Tool.

Set up the trigger for your desired corner.

Trigger the Drafts capture URL call.

Thank you for this. Works great. A question though . . . I use three monitors. I set the trigger to be when the cursor is brought to the right bottom corner. But I can only get it to work on the right-most monitor. Unlike hot corners . . . I have it set to display the desktop when I move the cursor to the bottom left corner . . . which works on any of the three monitors.

Is this a limitation of BTT?

It is not a limitation so much as that is simply not how those screen triggers are designed to work.

There are other approaches, but they are not without effort or compromise.

Again, using the global hotkey would be easier, but in theory, I guess you could use ScriptSaver as your hot corner triggered screensaver to run an AppleScript script which you could have open the Drafts capture (same URL as before), and maybe also activate the mouse in some way, or issue a key press, to ensure the screensaver is immediately deactivated. This would however totally override your screensaver use.

If you stuck with Quick Note being activated, you could use a tool like Keyboard Maestro to open Drafts and close Apple Notes each time the Apple Notes app is opened (Keyboard Maestro trigger). That would efectively give you an override tied to the Quick Note. But, this would preclude your use of Quick Note as well as Apple Notes on the Mac in general.

It comes down to just how badly do you want to do this when there’s a really simple option built right in.