Open last active workspace on start up on Mac?

On iPhone and iPad, Drafts always opens to the last active workspace after completely closing the app. On Mac, however, it always opens the Default workspace on start up, no matter what the active workspace had been when completely closing the app. Is this the expected behavior?

“Expected”? Yes, I guess.

State restoration is practically automatic on iOS. The system takes care of hanging on to your last state and hands it back to the app when it’s relaunched…so that is supported.

Mac does not do that for you. I could certainly implement it, but it’s not something I’ve gotten requests for so not something that I’ve prioritized.

I’ll take this as a +1 for the feature request.

Thanks for the info. It’s good to know I wasn’t missing some setting too. It would definitely be helpful, but obviously it’s also easy to switch to the workspace after opening the app. Thanks again.

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I’ve added code to support restoring last workspace on launch for the next update.


Thanks so much! It works great.