„Open In“ support?!?

I came back to using Drafts after finally doing more with my external keyboard and a mouse on iPadOS 13.x and …

was a bit surprised.

I have lots of text / markdown documents in several „document providers“ like OneDrive, DEVONthink To Go and some local folders on my iPad.

Importing them in Drafts (over „+“ and then „Import File“) works well, but then … nothing that i write or change in those files ever gets reflected back in the original location.

What i am missing here?

Am i doing things in a wrong way?

Or is Drafts simply missing a way to open files at other locations?

I thought that i used that already earlier, but am not sure anymore.

Thanks for any insight :slight_smile:

Perhaps a shortcut would help with DTTG? http://www.macdrifter.com/2018/11/moving-text-between-drafts-and-devonthink-to-go-with-shortcuts.html

Fundamentally, Drafts isn’t a text editor in the traditional file sense. Drafts can import and export files, but not edit in place without creating actions to support specific scenarios.



I was fearing that already.

How about adding this crucial feature? :wink:

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Going to have a look at this, thanks.

But Open In and External Files support would be … better … and state of the art

No plans for direct file editing, at least in the short term. It really would be a separate product from Drafts as it stands, because files really can’t interoperate with many aspects of Drafts organizational structure, sync and action framework in a way that wouldn’t create a lot of complexity in what is already a complex app.

Understood that it would be valuable for many, but there are many other products addressing that space.

Thanks for the clarificarion.
Going to chew on that for some time …

Hello :slight_smile:

I love having my text files in Drafts, but would also love being able to “edit in” my text editor of choice (currently digging VS Code, on MacOS, and awesome markdown plugins).

Do you think such a feature would be possible?