Open Drafts again after callback-url action

I have created an action with a callback-url that opens a podcast app and plays the current episode. Wait for response is off, but the phone doesn’t automatically return to Drafts.

So I added another callback-url step with drafts://x-callback-url/open?uuid=[[uuid]], but nothing happens. Any idea what I could do to make the phone open drafts after switching to the podcast app?

Could you provide an example of the app and URL you are using?

Callbacks rely on the target app (in this case your podcast app) to support callbacks and open the provided URL. Not all apps support that.

That part works. The podcast app (Castro) opens and starts playing. (I haven’t seen it documented anywhere but in this tweet). Perhaps it’s not following some standard that Drafts expects?

Those are not x-callback-url URLs. I do not believe Castro supports callbacks, so it would not be possible to return to Drafts using those URLs, you will remain in Castro.

Not sure what your over all goals are. I believe Castro has Shortcuts support, so you might be able to do what you want with Shortcuts without opening Castro.

Thanks. I was hoping it would work more seamlessly with those URLs. I’m using Shortcuts with Castro for other Drafts actions (insert current timecode), but wanted to use the URLs for playback control. Nevermind then. Thanks again for the quick support.