Open all web links in a draft, all at once

I receive multiple emails a day containing web links to technical web sites that I must read.
I found a way to concatenate all those links into one draft on a daily basis. The end result is a draft which solely contains a list of links. Is there or how would I create an action to open all links at once.
Thank you for your time and help

Here’s one option that utilises a shortcut to do the opening.


Wow!! Fantastic! Works perfectly. Solved a big irritant. Thanks very much

One day later: The solution you found it incredibly helpful. Thanks again very very much !!

Since you are obviously very smart, I would like to ask you a question about the limitations of scripting.

Deepl is the best translation software available. Better than google translate. Bing is garbage.

There is a draft action called Deepl which does the following:

1- copies the draft to clipboard
2- opens the deepl URL site
3- the user ends up in the deepl translation box, but the action stops there.

The user then has to manually tap and press paste to enter the clipboard contents into the box which obviously slows down the workflow.

The person who wrote the action surely knows that it would be nicer to end the action by pasting the clipboard into the box.

I assume that he has reached the limits of what is programmatically possible ?

Sorry for taking your time and thank you very much for your insight.

I’d suggest in future posting this sort of query as an open invite, separate topic. There are many skilled people on the forum who can help with questions, and by splitting it out, it makes it easier to find and keeps the topic on topic.

If you look at the URL for a translation, you can see how it is built to do the translation.

Here’s an action that uses the current text selection in Drafts and requests Deeplr to translate from English to German.

Just amend the script action for what you need.

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thank you very much for the action. I will heed your advice as far as posting is concerned.

it works perfectly !