Open a Draft in TaskPaper app?

Is there a way we can open a Draft in TaskPaper app? I have large(er) drafts in TaskPaper format that I can navigate more easily in TaskPaper app (by folding, collapsing, navigating to).

Currently I copy paste a draft into TaskPaper to view it there, but as it won’t get synced, so I just view it there and delete it afterwareds.

Anyone knows a better workflow for working with these two apps?

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Drafts does not use files and Taskpaper does, so there is a data storage format disjoint there that is going to preclude any straightforward and reliable solution.

You might be able to automate the send to Taskpaper. You could even automate a pull back if you saved the file. But it would in effect be a manual sync.

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By saving a copy in iCloud or Dropbox?

By saving to file (cloud storage is irrelevant), using URL scheme, terminal command or macro (e.g. Keyboard Maestro) to open. Then if you track the path of the file and the UUID of the draft you could trigger an update in the reverse direction.

But you would need to create the automations to do this. It is not built-in to Drafts as standard features.


That was a good outline. Thank you. I think I can do this. :slight_smile: