Onenote to Drafts automatic synching

i was using onenote for the past 5 years however its limitation in search on my Iphone forced me to search for alternatives and i ended upw ith drafts which is a very handy and very useful app on iphone. However i am still using onenote on my pc(windows 10) and also on Iphone. whenever i update the notes on windows i want to autmatically synch it with drafts. is this possible. please let me know.

There isn’t any way to automatically sync these two systems. They are based on different sync foundations and Drafts currently has no web API to tie another service into. It may be possible to do something convoluted on a Mac but it would almost certainly be a mess and not have great reliability.

Thanks for the swift reply so what is the solution would you be releasing a Windows version of Drafts any sooner ? So i can switch over to drafts and hopefully synch on iphone

First of all, just to be clear, I’m not the developer of Drafts, so I personally can’t speak as to to absolutes on releasing versions. But Drafts uses Apple CloudKit for sync. This technology is not currently available on Windows, so without a change to the sync foundation Drafts is built on, or Apple releasing it for Windows, a native app is effectively a no-go.

If you search the forum you’ll find other threads on this too.

There is CloudKit web support, so depending upon what exactly Drafts makes use of it may be possible that some sort of web version could be feasible, but as yet I’m not aware of any suggestion this is on the product road map.

Currently OS updates have been the focus. Mac actions are on the horizon and custom syntax highlighting and themes I think is after that.