Onenote & Omnifocus Tasks

Building on the OneNote action, along with the OmniFocus Task action by @RegularCraig, I’ve created a new action that creates a OneNote note in a drafts section along with OmniFocus tasks from lines that begin with [ ]

If can be found in the Directory here.


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Just updated to include the Drafts callback URL to the Omnifocus Note field

Hi, dmormerod. I’m new to Drafts actions. Your action is perfect for the workflow I am trying to build. Thank you for creating this action.

When I use any OneNote action (including my own), I receive the following error in my Action Log:

OneNote Error: Notebook “” not found

This happens when I keep the Notebook set to the default. I get the same error when I designate a specific notebook as my destination as the target for my draft, with the name of the designated notebook in the quotations.

I receive the same error for my own simple test OneNote actions. I changed the name of my OneNote notebooks to a single-word name to eliminate any syntactical obstacles; this did not solve the issue.

How have members of the community made OneNote play nice? I can confirm I am running the latest version of both Drafts and OneNote. I receive the same error message on my iPhone, iPad, and Mac.


Have you tried forgetting and re-adding your credentials?

Hi. Forgetting and re-adding the credentials worked. Thank you for the recommendation.

I have multiple Office 365 accounts, so I also had to make sure I was adding the appropriate credentials for the OneNote Notebook. Microsoft’s authentication workflow in mobile Safari was taking me down the path for another the wrong account. I logged out of all of my Office 365 accounts so I could re-add them with the appropriate account first. I re-added the credential and tested the action before I authenticated my other Office 365 accounts.