OneNote integration and ideas

My work life is centered around Microsoft apps. I tend to use OneNote all day long. I would love some advice on how I can integrate between OneNote and Drafts. I will forward as an email or cut and paste. Are there any better ways to do this?


You could take a look at Microsoft Flow and it’s integration via web hooks through to OneNote (business). It is Microsoft’s IFTTT/Zapier-esque integration engine.

You should be able to send a payload from Drafts via a web hook into Onenote.

Is there any guide for this? I have zero knowledge about this, I would like to try to make it work

A specific guide to do exactly what you want… I’d recommend spending a while with your favorite search engine browsing examples. There are so many combinations with tools like Drafts and Flow that you are unlikely to find an exact walk through, but you can probably piece together something from a handful of them.

The key thing to know is where to find the documentation for each:

However, do note that Flow is just like Zapier/IFTTT in many respects and for most uses is just a step by step wizard like build of an automation.

Hope that helps.

There is a Zapier integration guide, including a link to a great walkthrough for the setup on Zapier’s blog - and Zapier has OneNote integration.

I imagine the process is similar using Flow as well, though I have not tried it.