OneDrive for Business support for syncing data and configs between Mac and iOS devices

I work in an environment where I can’t use my personal iCloud Drive on my work computer so using Drafts to sync with my iPhone doesn’t seem to be an option unless I’m missing something. OneDrive for Business is my only option for using with phone, iPad, and Mac.

Before someone mentions setting up a work account I’m working on it but doubtful it can be done. It’s not considered a supported cloud storage service for our school. Not to mention it gets complicated with my phone then as we have no plans of using our mdm to manage BYOD phones.

Drafts sync is built on Apple’s Cloudkit framework. That isn’t something that is compatible with One Drive.

You can read and write to files in OneDrive. It might be possible to create some basic actions that make it easy for you to hand off text between your devices through OneDrive, but we have no plans for other options for sync, and OneDrive would not be a good fit, regardless, as it is totally file-based.

Find some example actions in the Directory: