On My Mind processing "Append to Craft"

The OnMyMnd idea is perfect, unfortunately, when I process the OnMyMind note and select “append to craft” the section is gone from the OnMyMind note. Unfortunately, it never appears in Craft. I also want to mention I did not adjust any configuration to let Drafts know my craft account (if needed). But what happened with the Drafts note, I want to have it (appended to an existing note) in Craft

BTW; the same happened for adding it to ToDoist, while other action have no issue to add the content to this app

I’m guessing you are referring to this action group:

The author, @FlohGro, is a regular contributor on the forum and is probably best placed to guide you.

Thanks for using my action group.
Your draft should still be available in the deleted drafts section (tab with the bin).

Please read through the description of the „Append to Craft“ action and configure it accordingly. Then try it with a single draft.

If all this works the OMM processing should also work - let me know if it doesn’t and provide as much details as possible