On my mind action extra

hi @FlohGro wondering for your On my mind action group

Is it possible to have these extras?

  • if action is cancelled (the cancel button is enabled)- do not delete the lines?

  • if action returns “undefined” do not delete the lines

Its working great now, just sometimes when the various actions do not work then it would still delete the line

Why do you enable the cancel button? I added a „skip“ button to leave lines in the On My Mind Draft?

I will have a look into the second request :blush:

Yes I enabled the cancel button but it deletes the line even when I pressed it!

I understood that you enabled the cancel button, but I don’t understand why :wink: if you tell me why you need the cancel button I can look into it :wink:

hi the use case for me is, i usually brain dump everything onto a long note, then i will process them, but sometimes during the processing i need to go somewhere or actually i want to add something more to the note, so i need a quick way to “exit” the processing.

it will take too long to “skip” sometimes since i have so many chunks, so i just need a quick way to leave and preserve the rest of the unprocessed note, hope that make sense! as for the other request about ‘undefined’, i found sometimes processing goes haywire ie things are not properly saved, the daily note is not opened, error etc, and then i will just lose that line that i wanted to process.

Let me know!

Got your usecase for cancelling, I’ll look into it once I’m back from vacation.

Re your other request:
As mentioned, the lines are removed from the On My Mind draft when you select an action. Those action run on a separate draft with just that chunk as content. I assume that these drafts should not be deleted if the actions are programmed correctly. So if you detect an unsuccessful finish of an action then it should not successfully complete and therefore don’t archive / delete the chunk. Does that make sense?

I updated the ActionGroup, it should work now: On My Mind | Drafts Directory