Offline sync & conflicts?

I’m about to go off the grid for a week. My phone may have cell access on and off. I’d like to do a bunch of work with Drafts on my offline laptop during that week. If I also use Drafts on the phone during that time am I just asking for sync conflict trouble?

So, two possible paths:

  1. Remove Drafts from phone to refrain from use during the week.

  2. Leave Drafts on phone and just be sure not to touch any of the Drafts I’m working on with the laptop.

Any opinions or experience on these?

Related question: is there a way to download the scripting reference for offline review? Answer: github repo

Drafts sync is a “last edit wins” sync, so if you are trying to edit/modify the same drafts on different offline devices, yes, you are likely to generate some conflicts, so that should be avoided.

If you edit the same draft on two different offline devices, once things come back online, the most recent edit will be the version you see on all devices. You will not loose anything, as other versions will be in the version history for the draft - but you might need to manually merge some changes.

New drafts are not a problem, they’ll just all sync up after you come back online. I’m not sure what type of stuff you are capturing/editing. You might just use the iPhone for capture of new drafts and not worry about editing existing ones - and if some of that content belongs in another draft, merge it in after you are synced back up.

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