Odd request: Seeking a Drafts coach to help me build a productivity system

Brand new Drafts user, and first time poster.

I’m looking to hire someone to help me setup a productivity system a la GTD or 7 Habits using Drafts. While I could spend time reading blog posts and watching tutorials, I’d prefer to set this up and get going asap.

So if you have good understanding of Drafts, and basic knowledge of productivity systems, please send me a PM.


Coincidently this popped up in my notifications today and might help guide you.

John - I did see this, thank you!!

I have a couple of questions:

  1. I don’t believe you discussed projects. How do you track info i.e. updates, etc, not next actions related to projects. How do you tag this?

  2. What does your Weekly Review look like using Drafts?

The video was created by @svartling and @John53 was simply referencing it. I think Stefan might therfore be in a better position to answer your video-related questions.


Weekly reviews I just do by going through the Next Actions, Actions, Someday/Maybe and Done workspaces. I do that in fact three times a week.

Projects I do by doing todo fields that I tick off, and I do cross-links to all the drafts And info and reference that a project contains.


Brand new user to Drafts, so unsure what you mean by “doing todo fields”. I’m assuming you mean this [ ] but I don’t know how that relates to projects.

And with respect to cross-links… do you mean you connect Drafts notes somehow? By tag, or some other way?

Thank you very much for the video and for responding.

[ ] relates to projects for me. I haven’t more advanced projects than that. Cross links is the new feature where you link to other notes by typing [[note name]].

So if I want to convert a normal task note into a project, I add [ ] todo list below the note title with all the sub tasks of the project. And then at the bottom of the task note I’ll add all the reference material by adding cross links to those notes.