Obsidian not recognising file

Using the obsidian (file) action and while the markdown file shows up in the files app, it does not show up in obsidian. I am using iCloud for storage and obsidian sync. Any suggestions?

  1. Is the resulting file a .md file?
  2. Is the file location a definite match for the vault?
  3. Do other Markdown files in the same location show in Obsidian?
  4. Is the file name recognised as a valid filename for an Obsidian Markdown file? E.g., it does not start with a period.
  5. Can you open the file in a text editor app to ensure it is downloaded to your device?
  6. What platforms (operating systems/devices) are you using and is the issue persistent across them?
  7. Can you provide a link to the action you are using?

for some reason it. has started working. happy days