Obsidian & Drafts - is there a way to "automatically" save drafts to an iCloud folder as .md files?

Hi! I’m just starting to play with Obsidian, and am wondering if there’s a way to automatically get drafts saved as .md files so obsidian can work nicely with them?

Assuming you are storing your Obsidian vault within the Drafts iCloud area, using an action with the File step allows you to specify the file name as “.md” and place it in iCloud.

If you use an export step like in the “save to files as…” action, then you can save outside of the Drafts iCloud area, but you need to manually select the location each time.

Outside of the Drafts folder you run into sandboxing restrictions and on i*OS, and you don’t want to take the manual selection approach, you would then have to pass the data out to something like Shortcuts and use the folder bookmarking available with say Toolbox Pro (a Shortcuts helper app) to enable you to save to another location in iCloud. Scriptable also supports folder and file bookmarking and may also be an option.

iCloud is the easiest option, as long as you keep your vault in a convenient location :wink: I actually manage mine via Github so that I can access on devices without iCloud sync, and get versioning - ref. Capturing for Obsidian Using Drafts and GitHub.

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@sylumer: I know this is an Obsidian thread, but your Github workflow also provides a pathway to working with Logseq (https://logseq.com/). Logseq is primarily web based (supported as a PWA on iOS) with a desktop app currently in alpha, and syncs with Github by default.

Either way, I’m quite excited about the possibility of having Drafts as my primary/base repository of notes and captured text, with Logseq (or Obsidian) as an enabling layer/platform for engaging with a subset of notes that have particular value. I’m also excited that I get to experiment with knowledge graphs, and can explore the possibility of publishing some of my thinking while continuing to work in Drafts. Happy days.

Thanks, once again.


I discovered a relatively easy way of accomplishing something similar.

  1. I export my Drafts notes to an app called Crafts.
  2. From Crafts its easy to export to Obsidian.