Obsidian action works on laptop, not on iOS

I’m using the “Add to Obsidian Note” action and it works like a charm on my laptop but not on iOS on my phone.

It’s giving me the Alert: “the selected file “xxx.md” doesn’t exist in the configured bookmark. make sure to include the full subpath of the file in the configuration note”

The action works on my laptop, so I don’t think the file path is actually incorrect.

Please advise.

Not sure the exact action or configuration, but my best guess is that the Bookmark is not pointed to the right folder on iOS. Bookmarks need to be configured on each device to give Drafts permission to access the appropriate folder.

Details on resetting and reconfiguring bookmarks:


Thank you @agiletortoise! I figured out that my iOS bookmark was pointed to the wrong place. Corrected and it now works. Phew!

I’m just barely tech capable, so I really appreciate the patience. :slight_smile: