Notion Integration Plans: What would you like to see?

Over the course of the last year, Notion has been working on building an API to support integration with third-party apps.

I’ve been watching progress on the Notion API beta, and it seems to be stabilizing and ready to be supported directly in Drafts.

As with many other services Drafts integrates, I plan to add script objects that expose the ability to use the entire Notion API, while taking care of some of the more onerous aspects of API integration, like the authentication process. That said, while flexible, scripting is for advanced users comfortable with working with APIs.

I’m also very interested to hear from less technical Notion users what sort of integrations make the most sense to add as easier to configure and use action steps, or at least as example actions. I have some ideas, but I am not a Notion user, so don’t want to miss some of the more obvious ways integrations might be beneficial.

If you use Notion, what would you like to be able to do with a Drafts action?


Similar to the “list in reminders” action, would be amazing if you could create new database entries from a bulleted list. I’d use this every day to quickly capture tasks and hit a button to at to my task database.


The most basic idea but if I could write up a nice page in Markdown with headers, lists, code blocks, etc, and push that to become a page in Notion, that would be pretty slick.


I tend to agree exactly with @prolost’s idea. Some non-technical people that I work with are Notion users — and being able to interface with them by creating pages directly from Drafts would pretty cool. Previously working with Notion, it’s cool that you can paste in Markdown and Notion formats it correctly (even Markdown checkboxes).


I have a custom CRM in notion that I log my contact history into. I would love the ability to be able to write up some quick notes about a contact in drafts and then log that as a page in my database. I can already do this to some degree by editing the action currently available in the action directory. But this planned integration would make it easier to create multiple actions pointing to different locations in notion.

Huge Bonus would be the ability to fill-in database properties with a prompt when saving the draft as a page in a database.

Thanks @agiletortoise

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Maybe this is already what you planned but the ability to use Notion syntax would be great. For instance, I use Notion to keep track of all kinds of projects including logs of phone calls. So often I use a callout block with a timestamp to note the phone call and then use a toggle in that block to log details of what was discussed. So having the ability to create all that in Drafts and then send it over to a specific board would be amazing.

So, for instance, my Draft could look like

/callout 1/23/22 9:34am Called Cuellar’s office about payment notice
/toggle Spoke to Robin in Billing
Said they used the wrong procedure code and would re-submit to insurance. Follow up with PWGA in 2-3 weeks if I receive a re-bill.

When sent over to Notion it would end up like this:

(I realize I left the timestamp off my callout block for the example but you get the point)

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Lovely to hear this! I’d find this integration extremely useful in my everyday work.
I agree with @prolost - I was just looking for a way to do this :slight_smile:
At the same time creating new database entries as mentioned by @JokesPage would be an equally essential feature for me.

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I am a non-techy type person and I love Drafts and I love using Notion. So any integration that would make it easy to get information from Drafts to Notion would be appreciated! Thank you for working on it. Mark

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This makes me very happy to hear about.

The ability to quickly add pages to a database of your choice would be awesome all by itself. The thing that would make it even better would be if you could designate property values using a template in drafts or something like that.

For instance:

I’m sure this could get really tricky in some cases (I’m not sure it’s even possible). For instance, in the screenshot I provided, I have a relation property that is related to a whole other database. In addition to creating the page titled “New Task,” Drafts would either have to make the page “Drafts Project” in the Projects database as well or just ignore that property. Either way though, this kind of integration would make Notion quick capture AWESOME. Quick capture is one of the major drawbacks of Notion, and this would really help remedy that.