Notion Action Step Not Working

I installed the notion action steps (Notion append to page, and Notion create page). When I run it the first time, as it was said so, it authorized on the Notion side, and I can see it on the Notion settings it is. However, when I go to use either one, I get the big red box with warning sign on top right saying “Notion-Create Page” (with triangle and exclamation warning sign before that text). Please help?


What does the action log say?

Additional info there in messages (thanks!). It says:

Notion: content can not be empty. (I’m not sending an empty doc from Drafts)

This action uses the first line and the second line and beyond.

Do you have at least two lines of content starting with content on the first line?

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Dang. That’s one thing I didn’t think of. Thank you so much! Resolved with having two lines. :slight_smile: