Notify on version conflict

Sometimes there are version conflicts when you’re working with 2 devices. It would be great to get notified when this happens.

For example you have version 1, which is synced to both device A and B, then on device A you append some text to version 1, while simultaneously making changes to version 1 on device B. What will happen is that Drafts won’t merge both versions, but just create 2 separate versions in the version history. Only the most recently synced edits are shown, and the edits made on the other device are hidden in the version history.

Sometimes syncing is delayed or doesn’t work so you never know if you’re working with the latest version. It would be great to at least be notified when this happened.

It would also work for me if Drafts would just put all the conflicting versions in the same note, then I can fix the conflicts myself.

Another idea would be to mark conflicts in the version history and expose that information to the actions API. You would need to store the UUID of the previous version that the new version is based on.