Notification badge number from workspaces

Long time drafts user. I’ve just upgraded to Drafts pro and embraced workspaces. I found them a little bit unintuitive to setup and get my drafts in the right spaces, and the pro page wasn’t very helpful, but I worked it out.

Now I have 4 workspaces, one is for templates which I want to open in Omnifocus, so I don’t want that workspace to count towards the notification badge on the drafts app on IOS, but I do want the other three to. The templates aren’t waiting on my to do anything, but the other three workspaces are unfinished pieces of work.

I can’t see a Way to do this, if I’m understanding correctly, you can only pick one Workspace to count towards the number on the notification badge. Is this true?

Yes. I think that this was an added feature and that the badge didn’t originally support showing figures for a particular workspace at all.

You could make a fifth (“to process”) workspace to base your badge on that is everything not in the OF templates workspace.

For anyone who needs details on what the badge currently supports, there’s a page on the web site documenting it.

As mentioned. You could make another workspace to control the badge. Many make one that only shows “untagged” drafts.

You could also keep your template drafts in the archive instead of the inbox. You can even setup your template workspace to auto-select the archive tab when applied.

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Thank you all.

I don’t like the clutter of an additional workspace just to allow me to show my total being worked on, but that’s the option I’ve gone for.

I think that the option to select notifications by multiple tags would effectively allow you to deselect those workspaces you don’t want to show.

Thanks for your help.

You don’t have to use a workspace. You can just define a tag filter directly for the badge. That option is there in settings.

Thank you, I’ve got this set up now. :smiley:

It wasn’t immediately obvious that was an option.