Notes list all blank on MacOS

I have Drafts 16.1.3 that I use on iMac. Yesterday when I used Draft maybe two days ago on this machine, the notes list view was all blank, except for the borders. The uppermost note was much bigger than usual. I tried all kinds of tricks to show the notes, such as resize the window, hide and show views, etc, but nothing helped. I could “reveal” a draft by sliding left or right with the trackpack left or right, which shows Trash, Archive, etc actions.

Then I got it working, possibly by quitting and restarting Drafts. Now it happened again. It’s possible it’s caused by some interaction with the quick note action which I’ve also been using. In any case, I’ve been beta testing Drafts for a long time, and this thing hasn’t occurred to me before. Unfortunately I didn’t take a screenshot of it, but I’ll take one if it happens again.

I’ve never seen this or been able to reproduce it, but this is not the first report I’ve seen of the issue.

I speculate it has something to do with dark-light theme switching. Do you have Drafts configured to use system theme or override dark/light? Does your OS switch dark-light mode automatically or do you manually periodically switch between dark-light mode?

Hmm. I had to to check it actually. I do run f.lux to automatically dim the screen or reduce blue light (it did that long before MacOS got the native Night Shift). I also did have the f.lux option to also automatically switch between light and dark mode, but it’s not turned on now and hasn’t been for a long time. However, I guess it’s possible that the application still does something related to this issue, if others have mentioned about. However, I doubt about it being an issue since it doesn’t change the layout, just the color balance with my current settings. The Drafts settings are the defaults, I haven’t tweaked with them; Appearance => System, Editor Theme => System, etc.

Anyway, I just decided to try to just use the Night Shift to see if I can replace f.lux with it, since I don’t automatic light/dark mode switch or other features currently.

I also use the Moom app to resize windows. It’s possible that it can also cause this issue in some situations, though usually it doesn’t.

This is perhaps a bit beside the point, but I noticed there’s now also the native way to switch between the dark and light modes according to Night Shift in Catalina. I turned that on as well to see how it goes. If there were any issues with f.lux, it seems MacOS now provides what I was using the app for, and it might be better integrated being a native feature from Apple (or not).