No red line on misspelled words (ipad)

I have markdown on for my drafts and spell check turned on. Autocorrect is working if the misspelled word is recognized but if not, then there’s no indication that the word is misspelled. Shouldn’t there be a little red squiggly line under it? I swear I saw that on my first day using Drafts but I must have changed something to stop that from working. Ideas?

Thanks, Donald.

Kind of depends. You should get a red-squiggly line under the misspelled words while you are editing. Once you stop editing, those lines go away, assuming you have committed to that spelling intentionally.

Drafts should behave the same way in this manner as other iOS editors (Notes, etc.). Are you seeing behavior different than that?

OK. So I did a bunch of tests in different applications. Works in mail and notes. I use swype for a my keyboard on my iPad 10 Pro and it works fine in those other apps but not in Drafts. If I switch to the native keyboard it seems to work in Drafts. Switch to another draft and back, I lose the red squiggly on previously misspelled words which seems consistent with other apps. So Swype keyboard has a minor issue in Drafts.

Better question, is there an action for spell checking an entire draft buffer after I’m done writing? The Apple spell checker even with the default keyboard is inconsistent and I’d like to spell check the whole thing when done writing.

Thanks, Donald.

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