No draft selected after delete

After deleting (⌫) a highlighted draft, no draft is selected in the sidebar. If I hit the down arrow key, the top draft in the sidebar is selected. I would expect the next draft to be selected when you delete a draft, so you can continue browsing the list with the keyboard, similar to

Is this by design?

That is the behavior by design. There is an option to load the next draft if you are processing with actions and the after-success setting. Probably a good argument to make the default archiving and deleting commands respect that preference, but they do not right now.

The main reason it is not done now is that Drafts stores and updates an accessed timestamp on drafts when they are loaded in the editor, and many would not want those timestamps being updated based on inadvertent selection.

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Ah. Hadn’t thought of that. Thanks

Would it be possible to make an action that deletes current draft and moves to next by script or url scheme, without having the change the behavior of all actions in Preferences? Maybe getting the UUID of the next draft before deleting the current one.