No dock badges on ipad


Lately, dock badges on my iPad don’t work. I don’t exactly know when it started as I didn’t notice right away.

They work fine on my iPhone (running 16.0.3), but whatever I do, I can’t get them to show up on my iPad.
Notifications and badges in system settings are on, I’ve selected identical settings for badges inside Drafts on both iPad and iPhone, but no dock appear badges on iPad. iPhone works fine though, so no sure where to start.
I’ve also tried to reinstall the App, but that didn’t change anything either.

Is this a know issue, or maybe I’m missing something obvious? A search didn’t turn up anything, so asking here in a new thread.

I’m running Drafts 33 on iPad OS (15.7)

Thanks for any insight,

No known issues or recent changes. Have rebooted the iPad recently? That’s the first thing I’d try.

I have seen notification permissions get corrupted a few times. If a reboot doesn’t work, next thing I’d try it toggling Drafts’ “Badge” permission off and back on in iOS Settings, then go back to Drafts, open it and return to the home screen again to force an update…and see if that resets the badge value.

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Ok, rebooting did briefly show the badges, then they disappeared again. Just when my focus mode kicked in.

It was my focus mode. I did turn of the ‘hide notification badges’ option on my Phone when I set it up, but somehow that didn’t sync to my iPad. If I toggle it on and off now, it changes everywhere.

So, all good now. Except now I need to take care of all the badges that suddenly appeared. Yikes :sweat_smile:

Thanks a lot for your help! :smiley:

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