Newton Mail action

I’ve created an action for Newton Mail. The action is pretty simple: newton://compose?&body=[[draft]]
The issue is that you lose all line spacing when sending it to Newton. All the text is just grouped together as one paragraph regardless of how it appears in Drafts. Is this a Newton issue with their URL scheme or is there a way I can fix this from the Drafts side.

Have you tried converting the Draft to HTML and then sending it to Newton? Spark also has the same issue with not respecting line breaks unless you send it HTML.

Is there a specific action to convert you would recommend?

With Spark I always saw people set the clipboard to %%[[body]]%% and then pass the clipboard along too.

Just for background information. The templates and tags page of the docs is the one that details this conversion, along with a few others.

See the “Other Special Markup” section at the end.