Newbie Questions: iOS - Actions all disappeared after upgrading to Pro

Hi, I’m new to Drafts and have enjoyed using it enough for the past few days to give the Pro upgrade a try.

After upgrading, all of the Actions that were available to me all disappeared from the actions list. Do I need to add them all back one by one, or is there an easier way to retrieve them?


Actions shouldn’t appear when you apply the Pro subscription upgrade. That kind of sounds like it would be worth sending in an e-mail to the support address: within Drafts, select Settings > About: Send Feedback.

The standard groups (which contain the standard acions) I think should also be available on the Action Directory.

The problem was that the standard Actions DISappeared when I applied the Pro upgrade.

But you’re right, the standard Actions I needed were in a Group in the Action Directory, so I was able to easily restore them (and add others!)

Thanks for the feedback!

Apologies - my mind must have wandered whilst writing that first response. I did in fact mean disappear, not appear. :flushed:

I have something similar that I’ve emailed Support about, in that three of my Action Groups now have zero actions, and I can’t think what I might have done to make it so. The actions just were there one day, and gone the next…

You are likely running different versions of the app. Make sure you have installed updates on all devices.

I was behind version-wise on iPhone 6, so just updated so both iPhone and iPad are running and the problem remains.

I know this is an old post, but were you able to get this resolved? I have an action group that did the same thing - they were there and then they weren’t. Not in my backups either.