NEWBIE - Append to iCloud journal - not working on iPad

Hi all,

ios 14.xx and v24.0.8

This is my first newbie forum post at drafts. I am just getting started with the app and have a few questions period

On the iPhone I am able to append to iCloud journal. However on the iPad when I click append to iCloud journal I get a red warning and it does not work.

I am able to append to dropbox on both devices ok.

Is there a setting somewhere that can fix this?

Thanks – Dave

Should work the same on both devices. You have iCloud Drive active and are using the same action? You are testing with valid content in the draft?

Any details in the action log about the error?

Thanks for the help. The content is a simple sentence.

on iPad - I can save to reminders - and to iCloud Folder but append error in action log says: the operation couldn’t be completed. Draft store action error error 6

I will also mention that there are two draft folders in iCloud possibly one from an old version with a light icon and another one with a dark icon. There is only test data inside and I could easily delete one if you suggest that.

Can you see the journal file you are attempting to append to in the Files app on both devices?

if I remove all from dark icon Drafts folder:

  • iphone create new file called - Journal-2020-11.txt
  • but iPad just errors
  • maybe iPad looking at an incorrect Drafts folder
  • should I remove one or can I point iPad to the other?

also now both apps on. 24.1.3

! I see folder may point to some old folder - how do i point to better folder?

So how do I change the destination iCloud Folder?

The app determines where to write to. The difference in folders will simply be because you have used a version of Drafts in the past that is the legacy (pre v5) version.

You can change the output folder, but only by adding further sub folders. I.e. Not which Drafts folder - that simply isn’t how app sandboxing works.

You have not noted if you can see the journal file in the Files app on your iPad as I asked earlier. Can you confirm this? If you can’t see it, that would be a good pointer as to the cause of the error you have encountered.

on iPhone
in iCloud drive:

Yes I can see the Journal file that got created in dark icon drafts folder


on iPad
in iCloud drive:

Yes I can see the Journal file that got created in dark icon drafts folder FROM iPHONE

Next on iPad

I create note and save to drafts folder (dark icon)

Then yes I can see it in iPad> Files> drafts

BUT Nothing but error 6 when append iCloud journal

I hope I have helped clarify

Did you try rebooting the iPad yet? Also possible solutions:

  • Uncheck-recheck permissions for Drafts to use iCloud Drive on the iPad in iOS Settings
  • Completely disable-reenable iCloud Drive on the iPad.

Might be wrong, but sounds like corruption iCloud permissions issue.


I unchecked the iCloud permissions for Drafts - and then tried sending and it’s failed and then I went back in and rechecked the iCloud permissions for drafts and now everything is working just fine !!!

Thanks so much we’re hoping to get this working again!!!

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Now I am wondering if I can somehow remove the other drafts folder which I do not need or want anymore. Is there a way to do that?

(there is nothing of value in there…)