New to Drafts and I have some questions

Hi all,

I discovered this app several days ago and I’m very happy with the possibilities it offers but I do have several questions.

First of all, as I’m willing to reduce the number of app on my devices, do I need to have the apps I want to send things to, installed on the device or not or does that depends on the app; I believe this to be dependant on the app but would like to confirm with long time users.

Second question, is Tick-tick available or will it be available in the future as wasn’t able to find any details about it in the different sections but I could have not search correctly!


It depends where the app stores its data and how you get it to the data store. Typically if there is a web API for the data, then no you do not “need” it locally. If it goes via the share sheet or Shortcuts, then yes you will.

There are several actions for TickTick in the directory you could try.


Many thanks for the answers.