New Paste as Markdown not working

“Export” from Ulysses to HTML; copy, call action to Past as Markdown. It pastes as HTML.

My need is to preserve footnotes that Ulysses exports to HTML, and use MM to create linked ToC in Drafts.

If anyone knows another way to do this (that doesn’t require a conventional computer with command line, which I no longer have), I’m open to suggestions.

It looks like when you export from Ulysses, it puts the HTML result in the system clipboard as plain text, not as HTML. The “Paste HTML as Markdown” feature only works if the system has content in the clipboard explicitly set a HTML (text/html MIME type, specifically).

You can force Drafts to treat any text as HTML through scripting. This Paste as Markdown example action should work for you. It will pass the plain text in the clipboard through the HTML > Markdown conversion.

That solution made a never-seen-before mess of my footnotes.

And exporting MD instead of HTML to Drafts from Ulysses losses the footnotes’ round trip links. Only posting as HTML preserves the round trip. Gonna forgo the ToC for now. Thanks for trying.