New keyboard shortcut

Helli everyone,

I’m not a programmer, but am wondering whether it is possible to have a function and keyboard shortcut in Drafts that moves the cursor from one sentence to next? This will be useful for drafting/proofreading.

Was told by the staff that the community might be able to help, any advice?


Try this action I’ve put together.

Edit: fixed typo in link as identified below.

It isn’t extensively tested, bu it seemed to advance okay through some boilerplate lorem ipsum text I tried it with.

It should look for the next occurrence of a period-space, period-space-space, or a new line, after the end of the current selection/cursor position, and then identify which occurs first (if at all), and move the cursor to the start of the next sentence.

It’ll treat every new line as a new sentence, but that could be amended. It depends upon whether a sentence can technically have zero length or not :wink: The action is set so that they can.

I’ve added a keyboard shortcut of shift+ctrl+n to the action, but you should change that to whatever is most convenient for you.

Hope that helps,

Unless a new tranche of TLD’s has been issued that link is wrong :grinning:


Thanks. Don’t know how that slash got deleted after pasting The link in. Poor typing skills I guess :laughing: