New Here: How to Create Lists

How do I create lists within a draft? The answer is likely simple, but I’m at a loss (and have looked everywhere I can think).


Set software keyboard to markdown click on lists

Or enter markdown commands for lists…

Ahh. Thanks. Why isn’t that explained clearly somewhere? But, next, how does one change the default dashes to numbers or letters…?

Do you mean a list of tasks or a Markdown list?

Tasks documentation is here.

Markdown documentation is found in many places. It is not Drafts specific.

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I start bulleted lists with a * though other characters are available.

I start a numbered list item with e.g. 1. and you can number all items in a list with the same 1. which I don’t tend to do…

The upside of using 1. throughout is that it makes reordering easier. The downside is you don’t see the actual numbers until you format - which can be disorienting.

And if you’re interested in nesting lists you can use spaces or tabs. I prefer the latter, as it happens.

Thanks for getting me to look at check off lists again. I installed it in keyboard markdown group.

Numbered lists are not available on the markdown keyboard. Am I missing it?

Is there a way to add it?

Numbered Markdown lists can be created simply by inserting a 1. in front of each item, instaed of a - or a *. If you duplicate and modfy a bulleted list action accordingly, you could create your own.

I think that’s what I originally did with this one.

Alternatively, a quick search in the action directory gave a more sophisticated looking option.

The action directory is a greatt starting point if you are looking to solve a problem that someone else may have already solved.

Hope that helps.