New Drafts and need some help

Been lurking in the community for awhile as I have been thinking of moving from Craft Docs to Drafts. Most of what I use Craft for is simple notes and it’s more than I need. Is there a way to migrate from Craft to Drafts? I exported documents as MD markdown files and it didn’t seem to let me import them into Drafts on my Mac. Help?

Also can I change my default Workspace? I’ve looked and have yet to find out how. (Edit - I believe I’ve found out how to set a new default)


Try drag and drop onto the Drafts app, or use the automated import folder.

You can change the settings of the default workspace to be whatever you need. You could also use a widget or Shortcuts to give you quick access to a workspace.

Drafts should also remember which workspace you were last in. So if you change workspace you should be returned to the same workspace next time.

Just to ensure you understand though as it is a common misconception for even not so new users, a workspace is not a standalone container. You don’t keep drafts in a workspace. Rather a workspace is a set of filters or a query against Drafts that finds drafts that match a set of criteria from the pool of all drafts in the app. Hence a draft can appear in multiple workspaces.

The meta data, such as dates and tags, determine if it is visible in a particular workspace.

Hope that helps.

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On Mac, you can also right-click on pretty much any text file and select “Open With > Drafts” to import the file.

See the User Guide info on using the default workspace for details on saving those options.

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prior to using Drafts as my main notes app I made a short trip with Obsidian. Therefore I exported my Craft documents to Obsidian. I wrote a few things up in a blogpost to summarize what text replacements I did to improve the quality of the notes a bit.

I’m now successively moving those notes from Obsidian to Drafts via the import folder once I need them :wink: