“New Draft” Shortcut

I’d love to have a “New Draft” Shortcut. I know it can appear after creating a Draft a couple times but it’d be nice if it was one of the standard ones.

What context are you trying to use it that the “+” button is not easier?

Here’s a couple of examples from the Directory:

You can also go straight to a new draft via force touch and/or the Today widget.

Sorry, I should have been more clear :slight_smile:

New draft Siri Shortcut (see image)

Those particular shortcuts are provided by the Shortcuts app, not something I can add to directly - but the “Add to Draft” will work. Set it to “Create”, with “Edit in Drafts” on and do not pass it no input string and that will put you in Drafts with a new empty draft.

Thanks. I’ll try that out