New Draft in New Window?

I tried searching for this, but the only thread I found had no response from the developer.

I often want to open a draft in a new window, for example I’m reviewing a document or typing up notes and want to compare to notes in another draft.

The only way I see to do this now (in Drafts menu, Window>Open in New Window, and then open up the sidebar to find the draft I want) is very cumbersome.

Something I thought would work is the keyboard shortcut to Capture, then clicking “Open” but if I already have Drafts open it just opens it in that window instead of opening a new window.

Am I missing some kind of “Open New Drafts Window” option or is this just not a use case the developer intends to support?

To open a draft in a new window, you can:

  • Double-click on the draft in the draft list, or
  • Use “Open in New Window” contextual menu command on a draft in the list (which allows you to open it in a new window without changing the selection in the current window).

I think these address what you are asking for.

Oh, that does indeed help!

It doesn’t address a more annoying behavior, though. I don’t know if anyone else uses it this way, but sometimes I will use the universal keyboard shortcut to open up the capture window, and then as I’m typing I want to use keyboard shortcuts to indent or whatever, but I have Drafts open in another Desktop or Space working on something else (or even the same Desktop). I’d prefer Opening the Draft I’m capturing to not jump me to where the other window is and replace the Draft being viewed in that window with the one I just captured, I’d actually just prefer the quick capture window (if that’s what it’s called?) to just become a regular Drafts window.

I hope that word salad makes sense…