New draft from selection action?

Is there an existing action or fairly easy way to create an action that will create a new Drafts document from selected text in an existing Drafts document? I’d want to use it mostly on my Mac.

This could be done with an action, but it is also a built-in command. If you tap and hold for menu options the “+” button in iOS, or use File > New with Selection on Mac.

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I’m on beta 26.3.1, and I don’t see a “New with Selection” on the File menu.

Should you want it, there are some actions like this in the ThoughtAsylum - Writing action group. One that creates it in the background and one that creates it in the foreground.

TAD-New Draft From Selection

Creates a new draft from the selected text. An equivalent operation is available by long pressing on the new button, but by having an action defined, we can assign a keyboard shortcut, or call it from another action. In fact because it is a script function, you could simply embed the function call in your own script action.

TAD-Load New Draft from Selection
Creates a new draft from the selected text and loads it.