New draft from browser using hot key?

Is there a way to create a new draft from a browser without touching mouse. I’d like to create a new draft with the page title and the url. Any help is greatly appropriated.


You should be able to do this with Shortcuts (or AppleScript in an Automator Quick Action). Various other methods using other intermediary apps should be possible too.

Where are you triggering from? Drafts? Safari? Another browser? Another app?

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Hey thanks . I will be in safari or chrome and will hit a hot key ideally which creates a new draft with e first line being the page title and the second line being a url to the page.

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That makes things more complicated. Assuming you are Mac only, I think that you would either need to detect the active application in AppleScript, or use an app to trigger things that can trigger something different for each browser with the same key combination - e.g. Keyboard Maestro.

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You can configure a system-wide keyboard shortcut in System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts for File->Share->Drafts, which will work in a lot of apps. Not all apps put a “Share” menu in the “File” menu, but this works for the ones that do - like Safari and Chrome.

In Chrome you will only get the URL. Safari support special integration with Share extensions that provides access to page information, so the Web Capture Template can be used to control what you get in Drafts.


That is perfect! That gave me exactly what I needed. Thank you so much @agiletortoise !

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Opt+cmd+1 opens the Apple website, how and where do I change that?

Not sure. opt-cmd-1 is not a built-in shortcut, I don’t think, certainly not to open the Apple website. I’d start by looking through System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts to see if anything is configured in there, and then review any third party utilities (like Keyboard Maestro, etc.) you have that might have assigned hot keys.

Is that opening the Apple website on your machine globally? Like when you are in any app, or just in a specific app?

I am trying it in Safari