"New draft after" not reflected on Apple Watch


I’m still new to everything here, so maybe this is just me misunderstanding the settings.

I use Drafts mainly to take notes while driving, when I either have random ideas or listen to Audiobooks and want to make notes.

My thought was that using the “new draft after” feature would lead to the Apple Watch automatically appending my new dictation to the old note if that wasn’t edited more than X minutes ago.

From what I see now, it always creates a new note. Is there a workaround to let it automatically append a new note?

(I know I can go to the inbox, and edit / append the note there, but that requires a lot more clicks on the Apple Watch, which isn’t safe when driving)

The interface and the way the different commands in the app work is covered in the User Guide Apple Watch article.

The “New Draft After” setting is not applicable to watch app.

The most common “quick” way to capture on Apple Watch is to add the capture complication to a watch face.

Thanks for the quick feedback!

Would love for the watch to also respect the settings that you can easily append to an old note!