Never occurred to me -> Drafts as my primary text app

Light user of Drafts here but I’ll be honest, I’ve always considered Drafts to be a temporary, starting point for text that ultimately “lives” somewhere else. A few days ago, a story published on MacStories by Frederico detailed how he is creating his upcoming iOS12 review entirely in Drafts 5. He spends a lot of time detailing some of the JaveScript automation he has set up - but the revelation for me was the idea of starting and FINISHING a document in Drafts. Sorry for the forehead slap - or more honestly the ignorance of this statement. Until reading that story I’d always considered Drafts to be the place where I typed my note - then sent it to Things, or Ulysses or whatever - and then basically archiving or deleting the Drafts entry. Of course that is a perfectly reasonable use of the tool - and it’s promoted for that purpose - I just missed the idea of staying there for the whole time.

Now that I’ve changed my paradigm, I’m excited to discover all the little features and functionality that I’m sure exists to help make Drafts as powerful a writing environment as it is a workflow tool

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I pretty much still use Drafts for its initially-intended purpose - note quickly, move out.

However, one major use case that Drafts 5 has afforded for me is checklists in combination with Todoist. Now that may sound a bit bonkers, as after all Todoist is a task manager. But there are two main reasons for this.

First, due to each draft having a unique link (UUID), it’s possible to set up a repeating task in Todoist with a clickable link that will take you directly to the checklist draft on your phone/iPad. You can still keep editing/finessing the checklist and the link is retained.

Second, it’s a lot quicker to reset all the checkboxes in the draft via the action below than it would be in Todoist. So for repeating events that have many things that need to be checked off (e.g. school run, packing lists) I’ve found using the two apps in tandem works really well.

Here is the “Clear tasks,” action mentioned.