Need some help: accidentally moved all drafts to „archive“, have a backup

Hi, I admit I just took a short look at the scripting reference, but then decided to ask here if there is a good direction you can point me to.

My idea was to write a little script to move a given list of drafts identified by UUID to a particular folder (let’s assume from inbox to archive). But I am used to program in Python a Go, but not JS at all.

The background, if it is of interest: I accidentally moved all drafts from Inbox to archive. On another computer I was fast enough to export all drafts (separate for „archive“ and „inbox“!) as CSV and JSON as well as saving a backup. The backup does not seem to carry the history of a draft, so I would loose these if starting clean and restoring the backup, right?

With jq I can extract the list off UUIDs ot of the JSON export which would be 365 in one folder and 1128 in the other.

Is there any starting point for something that moves one draft? I might be able to embed this into a loop repeating it for the list. I am not even sure how to run JS code on my Mac ;(

Thank you for ideas and hints
Thank you

Did you accidentally select all in the list and archive them? If that was the case, while it’s too late now, you probably could have just done an undo to fix it right then.

If you restore from a backup/export JSON file, it will ask if you want to import them as new drafts, or replace the existing ones. If you replace, it will keep the version histories intact.

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Thanks a lot. Yes, all were marked after a ctrl-a in the wrong window and a later right-click archive on a singe item which affected all. The undo was greyed out when looking for it, but maybe there were a few clicks in between.

But I will happily try the restore and see if your prediction comes true. That would be awesome.

I will report!


I did as proposed and restored over the existing situation. And it did exactly what you said: just updated existing drafts including the status.

Wow - I am amazed about such a thoughtful behavior.

Good chance to mention how great this software is and how much we get with every update. I remember when the macOS version first came out. I would have been happy if it was just a featureless Mac companion. But it evolved so heavily. Thanks to you guys at AgileTurtoise! One of my most used and most recommended apps!