Need help creating mixed numbered and bullet list

Hi all,

I’m a long time user of Drafts but not good at JavaScript. I’m looking for an easy way to create a mixed number and bulleted list that looks like…

  1. Idea 1
    • point 1
    • point 2
  2. Idea 2
    • point 1
    • point 2

Such that I can easily add a new line (either bullet or number) using a keyboard shortcut. I’ve Tried making a blank template which generally works but then if I need to add more lines its a manual process.

Ideally, I’d like to be able to use a keyboard shortcut to go from bulleted “Point 2” to numbered “Idea 2” and bulleted “point 2” to numbered “idea 3” and so on.

Any thoughts? Thank you in advance for any guidance

I’m assuming you are using Markdown given the format, so starting each numeric line with a “1.” will result in a correctly numbered list when processed.

I’m assuming that “idea x”, and “point y” are actually just placeholders and you don’t want to insert and increment that actual text.

If those two assumptions are correct, maybe these two actions will help?

They both jump to the end of the current line, insert some text, and then activate the editor (just in case it was triggered from the action list rather than a keyboard shortcut or extended keyboard row).

If the assumptions are incorrect, then I think you are looking at much more sophisticated processing that has to be able to read sequentially read backwards to find a value to be incremented based on the indentation level of the line.

Another way might be to always use the actions to generate it and keep running counters, but that assumes you would only ever go forward and never revise an earlier section; which I think could happen often given you used the term “idea”.