National characters in Groceries action


Total newbie at Drafts, but I am really, really impressed!

I downloaded and installed the “Groceries” action from the Drafts Directory to be able to add items to my grocery list in the Grocery app, but when entering items with Swedish characters, like “å”, “ä” and “ö” they are changed to Unicode (?) and looks like this:

“Fläsk” (pork in Swedish) becomes “Fl%C3%A4sk”
“Kött” (meat in Swedish) becomes “K%C3%B6tt”
“Tvål” (soap in Swedish) becomes “Tv%C3%A5l”

I would really appreciate some tips in how to fix this. I looked through previous posts, but didn’t find anything that fixes the problem.

Looking forward to learn more about Drafts and will likely go for the Pro version soon!

Thank You!


Is this the action?

It is the only one I saw named “Groceries”, but it is for the Apple Reminders, not an app called Grocery.


Thank you for your reply!

The one I downloaded is this: Groceries | Drafts Directory.

It says that it is for the Grocery app, but that may be wrong? :flushed:


This looks like a problem on Grocery’s end not un-encoding URL parameters properly. I happen to know the developer of Grocery and will reach out to him with some examples of the problem.

In the meantime, it appears Grocery has good Shortcuts support, so something could be put together using Shortcuts instead.


Thank you for your reply!

OK! That sounds really fantastic! Thank you very much!

I am rather new at Shortcuts as well, but I’ll sure check for some tips on this! But in my fresh Drafts experience, I feel like doing everything from there… :slightly_smiling_face:



Apparently I can’t read this evening :roll_eyes:

There was second action, also called “Groceries”, further down the search results.

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