My text expander keeps opening a Drafts window

I use PhraseExpress as my text expander program. It’s much like Keyboard Maestro and TextExpander. Whenever I have Drafts for mac active but the window minimized, invoking a phrase in PhraseExpress brings the minimized Drafts window to the foreground. Sometimes a part of the expanded text is pasted into the new Draft and sometimes not.

What do I have set wrong?

What keyboard shortcut are you using to invoke PhraseExpress? Possible conflict with one of the global shortcuts configured for Drafts in preferences?

No shortcuts to open Phrase Express. PhraseExpress stays active in the background. When I type a shortcut, it is triggered to replace the shortcut with the desired phrase. This behavior seems independent of what the shortcut it.

My shortcuts are either just letter/number combinations such as !dat to insert the date or something like drco to be replaced with “Drafts Community”

Guess I don’t totally understand. You said Drafts is the active app, but the window is hidden? What are you typing into?

So I keep Drafts active but the window minimized when I am working. I am typing into another app (webmail, Word, etc) and I use one of the PhraseExpress expander shortcuts. Suddenly the Drafts window which was minimized comes back to the foreground and opens to a fresh Drafts panel on the right side.

Sometimes something is pasted in that new window, although it’s usually not the expanded shortcut.

So the problem is that using the text expander program in another app pops up the minimized Drafts app.

I don’t think it’s really possible Drafts could be causing that. You may need to explore with PhraseExpress support team.