My Drafts are disappearing

I have had Drafts as a Pro user for quite a while, but have only recently decided to use it as my main notes app.

I wanted to make sure everything was working OK, so I made a note on my Mac, on my iPhone, my iPad and my Apple Watch.

Everything showed up everywhere - GREAT!

The next day all of the notes are gone. Drafts is completely empty on all devices.

Any ideas please?

Thank you

  • Check your filters.
  • Check your workspaces.
  • Use one of the stats actions to confirm your number of stored drafts. (e.g. “TAD-Display Drafts Counts”).

Checked the archive and trash tabs?


Thanks for the reply.

The library summary is saying that I have 103 drafts.

I can’t find any of them on any device.

Is it me? It’s often more than a possibility!

All, archive and trash are empty. Where else would I look?

I will try to attach screenshots.

Thanks for your help

What does ypur archive look like?

Can you install the Recon action from rhe directory page below, run it with the Drafts Info and Current Workspace selected, and share the results?

Hopefully that will give us a clearer view rather than going piecemeal.

Have you hit the (x) to clear filters on the list? If so, if you show the search field and search for something - and/or use quick search - do they show up?

It seems likely you have some query filter applied to your list limiting the result.

I have done that several times

It wouldn’t let me attach it, so I hope this is OK.

I am very grateful for your help!

You have date range filters applied to your list, so that it is only showing drafts created at 5:26 AM UTC on May 21st, 2021. Which you very likely do not have any of…

Go to list options (...) and remove those filters and all your drafts will be visible. It seems likely you were poking around at some point and unintentionally added those filters.

After removing them, also select “Save as Default” to update your default workspace so these filters will not get applied again.

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Exactly the same boat Just can’t find the Drafts

Have you reviewed the discussion in this thread, and checked filters applied to your draft list?


Sorry for the delay.

I set up a new workspace and now it all works perfectly.

Huge thanks for your help.