Mustache templating: {{hashtags}} not working

Hi there,

To start with, I have to say that Drafts is absolutely wonderful. I bounced off the app a couple of times in the past because I lacked a real use-case, but now I have a few key things I use it for, I’m using it a hundred times a day, and I adore it. I couldn’t live without it. It’s genius. Thank you for creating it!

On to my scenario:

I have an action to append entries to a log file.

The first attempt was a standard Drafts templating language-based action, which appends to a file using the following format:

**[[time|%H:%M]]**: [[draft]]

This works, but it leads to inconsistency with line breaks in the file where if there are no hashtags we get a nice newline, but if there are hashtags, you have no line break between entries, e.g.

**11:10**: Test
**11:10**: Test

**11:10**: Test

My neat-freak tendencies rail against this, so I tried using conditional mustache templating to fix the issue, like so:

**{{format(date, "%H:%M")}}**: {{content}}


However, nothing ever gets appended in the {{hashtag}}-related section (the test tag never appears). I just get several empty lines, as if the {{*hashtag}} bits are getting entirely ignored:

**11:10**: Test

(note the four blank lines)

To work out if the conditionals are working, I tried:

**{{format(date, "%H:%M")}}**: {{content}}
{{#hashtags}}The hashtags are: {{hashtags}}{{/hashtags}}
There aren't any hashtags!

but the output (again, with tags on the draft) was

**11:07**: Test

There aren't any hashtags!

(note the two blank lines before and then one after the “There aren’t any…” line).

To further test, I tried:

**{{ format(date, "%H:%M") }}**: {{ content }}
{{ hashtags }}

Which should, essentially, replicate the Drafts templating language version. However, again, no hashtags are included in the text that gets appended. We get:

**11:14**: Test

(one blank line)

So I’m wondering: am I doing something very silly, or is that particular mustache tag not working at the moment?

This can be observed on both macOS and iOS, as tested so far.

UPDATE: Inspired by the answer here I have changed my template to:

**{{format(date, "%H:%M")}}**: {{content}}

Which does cut the number of extraneous new lines down, but still does not display a hashtag, e.g.

**11:17**: Test

Seems to be a bug. Will fix in the next update. If you need this now, you could add this one liner script before your templated step to get a {{hashtags}} Mustache tag available:

draft.setTemplateTag("hashtags", draft.processTemplate("[[hashtags]]"))

Thanks a million! Please let me know when that new version is released and I will remove this extra script step :pray:

For anyone wanting to replicate what I’m doing (or similar), I realised a flaw in my mustache code which is corrected here:

**{{format(date, "%H:%M")}}**: {{content}}
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