Multiple Dropbox accounts: Loading a specific TaskPaper document, in Dropbox, via javaScript in Drafts



Anyone know how to specify which Dropbox account via scripting? I’ve found this in the docs var db = Dropbox.create(); but I get an error when adding the name of the account in the params var db = Dropbox.create('Personal');

I’m a total newb with scripting from within Drafts and my JavaScript is rusty, at best. Thanks for any advice. Full script is below (in case my error is elsewhere).

//taskpaper file in dropbox

var TPpath = 'path/to/file.taskpaper';
var db = Dropbox.create('Personal');
var content;


You are on the right track. The Dropbox create call looks ok, you are missing an = in line three. Try:

var TPpath = 'path/to/file.taskpaper';
var db = Dropbox.create('Personal');
var content =;

Note that if you are getting error, check the action log (history button at top of action list panel). If it’s a script syntax error you will get line number of the problem.


Awesome, thanks for the code review and the info on the action log. Sorry for the silly error. Appreciate your time and attention. I’m a big TaskPaper on Mac user, and I’m exploring if Drafts can be my TaskPaper client on iOS (In addition to everything else it does for me).

Have a great weekend, and thanks again.