Multiple Drafts Found Error

In Drafts 22: I am receiving an error where I click on a backlink to another drafts draft.

I receive an error that there are multiple files with similar names (there aren’t).

When I click the popup dialogue box to search for the possible matches, the dialogue disappears without offering the proposed solution.

Screencast here:

Different behaviour for me.

  1. Have you tried a restart just to clear everything out?
  2. Does this persist when linking any draft to any draft, or just this one specific case?

I am seeing it with other links.

I have many backlinks to Writing: Index

Just tried it on iOS - same pop up dialogue - but clicking “open search” on iOS invokes the desired result.

However, the correct document is down the list. The search is seeing/highlighting Writing: Index AND index in the body of other documents.

Where it should be referring only to the title.

I use index in all my parent nodes indexing groups of drafts. I suspect it would happen to any similar word I use TOC, category, etc.

I’m aware v22 allows links to look to sections for specific locations in a draft - this could be the reason.

All links worked perfectly prior to v22.

Just confirmed this issue. The search fallback is not working on macOS versions (less than 10.15 Catalina) that do not support the quick search feature. I’m guessing you are on Mojave?

Note this is an intended change of behavior, and only comes up if you have multiple matching drafts for a title link. The previous behavior was just to open the most recently modified draft when more than one was found.

Thank you for confirming.

Yes, I run the following (no snickering):
OSX 1: 10.13.6 > 2012 Air - its end is near but has life left to give…
OSX 2: 10.14+ > Work issued.

I renamed many parent notes to have more unique names and added date/time identifiers where necessary.

However, the criteria for a multiple-match feels a little loose. I am seeing linked note “conflicts” because of matches in the body, not the title. Tightenting to title only would allow for user experience to be smoother.

In the same light, asking to create a note where a [[link is clicked]] and no note matches feels redundant. [[]] is a purposeful action - one that is not replicated by accident like say a “-” would be. Therefore creating a new note is my intended behavior. I recognize the purpose is to avoid creating unnecessary notes. I rather delete the unnecessary and stay in a flow state.

FWIW - and knowing I say this with love for Drafts: The changes to note links feels slower, less intuitive, and disruptive to creating and navigating…

If you could send examples demonstrating match in the body, I’d like to see them. That would certainly be considered a bug.

Strongly disagree on prompting to create a note. Mistyped or slightly inaccurate titles are a common problem and cleaning up after them is problematic when you think you have created a link. This was a requested feature.

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What is the best way to send you a private screenshot?

I accept I am in the minority…